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RV Park Superintendent

A Family Campground in Eastern Ontario

Cloyne, Ontario, Canada

Job Description

Services Required:

General repairs & maintenance including painting, caulking, minor carpentry, minor plumbing, lawnmower and garden equipment maintenance.
Groundskeeping: lawn mowing, weed trimming, raking, minor gardening, pruning, branch clean ups.
Cleaning campsites, washrooms, rental accommodations.

Customer Service: check-ins/check-outs, helping guests, answering questions, selling store items.
Record keeping: water usage, occupancy, store sales.
Security: ensure park rules are followed, oversee property.

Basic computer work: check online bookings, enter information, return emails and phone calls.
Directing third party service providers and other sub-contractors where these services are required.
Provide monthly invoices to the RV park, remit own HST, if applicable. An orientation, operations reference guide, and service standards will be provided.
Park owners will be on-site regularly to assist.

Ideal Service Provider Qualifications:

Experienced in home repairs, maintenance, minor renovations, working with power tools.
Experienced in basic groundskeeping, yard maintenance, working with power equipment.
Able to perform physical tasks including, shoveling, raking some lifting and moving items 25 lbs.

Experienced in customer service, friendly, good with people.

Comfortable using a computer and smart phone.
Reachable by cell phone and email.

Willing to provide services at irregular hours as needed - mornings, evenings, weekends, holidays.
Willing to provide services in any weather conditions if required.

Maintains a permanent residence elsewhere.
Has own vehicle.

Has own tools, although some specialized tools will be available at the park for use by the service provider.

Has or is able to obtain own insurance and a WSIB clearance certificate.

Experienced with small engine repairs.

Typical Schedule:

Some days will be hectic with lots of people and activity between 9am and 9pm. Other days will be quiet, very few people, and lots of time to work on repairs, maintenance, or kick back and enjoy a book, fishing, swimming, campfire and socialize with friends. Most days are flexible enough for service to be rendered at service provider’s own pace and the service provider shall provide services in a discretionary manner provided that the needs of the Park are met.

May & June: very quiet, few guests, focus is on getting the park ready for opening (black flies & mosquitoes).

July & August: busy on weekends with lots of guests, fairly quiet during weekdays (very few mosquitoes).

September/October: very quiet, very few guests, focus is on repairs, maintenance and closing the park. (almost no mosquitoes).


Guaranteed revenue of $8640 - $11,040 (depending on accommodations choice - see below) for the season with the RV park being the main customer, plus immediate access to over 50 other customers possibly in need of repairs, maintenance, groundskeeping, labour.

A seasonal site for service provider’s RV including 30amp power, water, Wi-Fi (sewage dump station nearby) OR use of the park’s RV: a 29 ft, modern, spacious RV, with kitchen, washroom, shower, bedroom, heat & A/C. (sewage dump station nearby).

Free utilities: hydro, water.
Free unlimited Wi-Fi.
Free use of golf cart.

Freedom to set own hours and work at own pace most days, while maintaining service standards including control over the manner and timing of the work.

The service provider is free to provide contracted services to other campsites or customers provided the service standards of the park are met.

Flexibility to determine how and when services will be rendered.

Freedom to come and go from the park, as long as service standards for the park are maintained.
Enjoy a waterfront location for fishing, boating, swimming.

Stay active in a natural relaxed setting.
Interact with many people most of whom are generally happy and positive to be there.

Seasonal Service Contract Budget:
The RV park’s budget for the seasonal service contract is based on 24 weeks (May1 – Oct 15) with an estimated 24 billed hours of services provided per week (on average) for a total of 576 hours for the season.

Option 1: "Service Provider brings own RV"
Monetary amount paid for the season: $11,040 plus RV site with hydro, water, Wi-Fi (value of $2600) for a total of $13,640 plus HST (if applicable).

Option 2: "Park provides an RV"
Monetary amount paid for the season: $8640 plus RV Accommodations, including hydro, water, Wi-Fi (value of $5000) for a total of $13,640 plus HST (if applicable).

PLUS: additional revenue from providing repair/maintenance/labour services to the 50 RV owners within the park.
Example only: 15hrs/week x 24 weeks x $25/hr = $9,000.

The park’s service contract budget is the same whether for one individual or if the service provider engages employees or other contractors to assist with the performance of the contract. The exact details are negotiable depending on experience, skill set, and situation-specific circumstances.

How to Express Interest in This Role

The park is seeking to identify a service provider as soon as possible in 2022 with the contract commencing for the 2023 season. Service providers are invited to send a letter of interest describing how they fit with the statement requirements. Please submit letter of interest in response to this posting.

Job Posted: 2022-09-17

Job Category: Maintenance

Job Type: Contract

Application Form

Phone: 6133369408

Email: info@bonechofamilycampground.com

Website: https://bonechofamilycampground.com/