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Advocacy: Policy Positions

As the national voice for camping in Canada, the Canadian Camping and RV Association supports members and their businesses with strategic advocacy positions annually. Member input on the challenges facing their businesses and the industry help to shape these policy positions to facilitate solutions-based efforts to assess hurdles and mitigate their impact on campground operators, consumers, staff, and other complimentary sectors.

Disaster Mitigation and Business Relief

CCRVA requests the establishment of a Disaster Mitigation and Business Relief Fund (DMBRF), crucial for supporting campground businesses affected by natural disasters and emergencies. By providing financial assistance and promoting proactive mitigation efforts, the DMBRF will help safeguard the livelihoods of campground owners, preserve local economies, and enhance community resilience in the face of increasingly severe climate-related challenges. The government’s allocation of funds to establish and sustain the DMBRF is a necessary investment in the long-term viability of campground businesses and the communities they serve.

Small Business Qualification for Campgrounds

CCRVA strongly advocates that the Government of Canada provide an exemption, by legislative change or other means, to seasonal businesses such as private campgrounds employing less than five full-time employees year-round and who are unfairly categorized as a “specified investment business” as a result, to make them clearly eligible for the small business tax deduction without the annual subjective judgement by the Canada Revenue Agency, and recognize the income earned by campgrounds as “active business income” for the purpose of determining eligibility for the small business deduction.

Campground Expansion, Addition & Improvements

CCRVA requests that the Government recognizes the economic impact and significance of Canadian Private Campgrounds with greater investment, grants, resources, and marketing initiatives to facilitate desperately needed expansion of existing facilities and new campground developments to meet increased demand in camping destinations.

Electrical Infrastructure Improvements

CCRVA requests that the Government provide more funding for electrical infrastructure improvements and enhancements in rural areas throughout Canada. This investment would facilitate the addition of green energy charging stations within Private Campgrounds and assist in achieving the Federal Government’s goal to enable Canadians to drive and charge vehicles where they live, work and play, by creating a larger available network of EV charging locations across the country.