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2024 Canadian Outdoor Hospitality Conference

Join us in person in Niagara Falls November 17-20, 2024 for the CampEx trade show and industry convention that will deliver education, networking, and business support to attendees.

Risk Management for Campgrounds: Education Summit

Join us virtually on October 18 & 19, 2023 for two half-day blocks of focused content addressing recent challenges with environmental impacts, climate change, insurance hurdles, and more. In recognition of these pressing issues, the Canadian Camping and RV Council has teamed up with Signature Park Insurance to present the Risk Management for Campgrounds: Education Summit. This virtual event is meticulously curated to address our member’s needs concerning emergency preparedness and risk management strategies. Our goal is to empower every attendee with actionable insights that will ensure the safety, longevity, and success of their campgrounds.

RV Parks and Campgrounds Operations and Investing Course: The Intentional Investor

Heather Blankenship is an entrepreneur and fearless investor who is on a mission to help teach other investors what it takes to dominate the RV Park industry. In this 4 part course, Heather will take you through the comprehensive process of RV Park acquisitions and operations leaving no stone unturned on how to create financial freedom through investing in this asset class. Heather is supported in this course by industry experts who will fill in any gaps that exist so you leave the course with everything you need to be able to buy a park in the next 3 months, then transition to daily operations and strategizing for your business success.

2021 COHCE Training Session Recordings

More than 40 sessions delivered by industry professionals at the 2021 Canadian Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo are now available to purchase in recorded format. These 20-40 minute sessions cover a broad range of topics in four education tracks: Branding & Marketing, Income Diversification, Mastering the Fundamentals, and Business & Finance. CCRVC members can purchase with a discount, using the code provided in the members-only area of this website.

Protect your campground from Canada Revenue Agency Tax Re-Assessments

Most private campground owners operate businesses that can be described to be a small or medium sized business. Most of these businesses are incorporated and as such seek to claim the “small business deduction” (SBD) in calculating taxes payable. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) perceives the SBD as a high-risk area of non-compliance through multiplying claims and by non-qualifying entities making claims. Advancements in technology has permitted the CRA to manage compliance risk in a more surgical manner from offices and without a personal visit to businesses.