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The demand for recreational vehicles has reached an all-time high with the continuing leisure travel ban, COVID testing hassles for air travelers, the rise of cabin fever, and the possibility to work from anywhere.

Dealers in Canada’s British Columbia claim there’s been such a high demand for RVs of different sizes and shapes over the past two years that it’s now beginning to be difficult to find parts, inventory, and accessories, a report said.

However, the increase in the demand for goods has put pressure on inventory.

All dealers are experiencing shortages. However, some say that if customers are willing to adjust, there are vehicles accessible.

This is more of a problem when looking for a particular RV or a used one because owners haven’t always been keen to sell their RVs during the pandemic.

A few local dealers reported that manufacturers have had difficulty obtaining parts and labor. In certain instances, they have rationed automobiles, providing dealers with a small amount of inventory.

The industry is anticipating another boom in 2022 as the consequences of the pandemic persist and those who have just started RVing consider switching their vehicles.

It is also possible that there aren’t enough camping spaces to accommodate RVers.

Dave Robertson of Island RV Rentals stated that if a portion of their customers from Eastern Canada start to return to the Island in the coming year, they’ll be overwhelmed due to the increased interest from locals.

“It was a busy summer with a lot of bookings,” he shared and added that his company fleet reached 12 vehicles, which he plans to expand before the end of the season.

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