Report: Economic Impact and Trend Analysis of the Canadian Camping Industry (2015)

In 2014 the CCRVC commissioned the first-ever economic impact study to assess the contributions of the camping sector as a whole. The objective of this undertaking is to illustrate the impact of Canada’s camping industry on the country’s economy and its significance as an economic driver at the provincial and national levels. Previous studies focused on particular sectors of the industry, such as the Harris Decima report Economic impact of the Canadian Recreation Vehicle Industry (2012) which analyzed the economic impact of the RV industry in Canada.

The purpose of the study is to:

a) Determine the direct, indirect, and induced impact of RV manufacturing, RV dealers, travel expenditure and non-travel expenditure by province and in Canada.

This considers:

  • Jobs created and maintained;
  • Wages and profits;
  • Tax revenues;
  • GDP contributions.

b) Determine the fiscal impact (federal and provincial) by sector.



Additional Information

This 211 Page Report offers deep insights into Canada's Camping Industry, consumer trends, and business operations practices. CCRVC commissioned SOM and WSP to conduct a study to obtain this national and provincial portrait. This report will be available for download immediately after purchase.

Campgrounds offer an opportunity for families to spend time together, create life-long memories and discover Canada’s natural landscape. Camping creates a sense of community that is unique to this form of travel accommodation. It is also an industry that plays an important role in the health of Canada’s tourism sector and makes a significant contribution to the economy.

Campgrounds stimulate economic activity and create jobs for Canadians in urban areas and rural communities from coast to coast. Over 5.7 million campers visit Canadian campgrounds each year and the camping industry contributes a total of $4.7 billion annually to Canada’s economy.