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Canadian Camping and RV Council announces new Advocacy Website – www.faircamptax.ca

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Burlington, Ontario, September 19, 2017

Canada’s RV and Camping Industry has been raising an emerging issue with respect to the Small Business Deduction (SBD) and its applicability for small family-owned campgrounds throughout the past 2 years with the Canadian Federal Government.

Tax rules related to small campground’s eligibility of the Small Business Tax Deduction (SBD) and a corporate tax of about 15% date back to the 1970’s and have not materially differed. However, Canada Revenue Agency began to change their interpretation on a number of small campgrounds deeming them to be a passive “investment business”, basically telling these campground owners that they are inactive and that they just “derive income (campsite fees) from their property” and don’t do too much of anything else.

This type of business, an apartment building would be an accurate “investment business”, is not eligible for the Small Business Tax Deduction and comes with an approximate Tax of 50% or an over 300% increase than what all other small businesses in Canada pay including small private campgrounds.

The Liberal Government is currently reviewing their taxation policies on all small businesses and have been asking Canadians for their input during consultations that end on October 2nd, 2017.

To make it easy that our voice is heard, Canadian Camping and RV Council developed an Advocacy Website that fully explains our issue and also gives campground operators and their campers an opportunity to send a letter to their local MP. The Canadian Camping and RV Council are asking every Private Campground, RV Dealer and Camping enthusiast to go to www.faircamptax.ca and “TAKE ACTION”. It only takes a few seconds!

About the Canadian Camping and RV Council

CCRVC is an Association comprised of Provincial Private Campground Associations, CRVA (RV Manufacturers & Suppliers) and the RVDA of Canada. In an Economic Survey conducted in 2014, the Canadian Camping and RV Industry contributed $4.7-billion to the economy, generated more than $1-billion in total taxes at the Provincial and Federal level, employed 60,420 full-time workers , generated $2.9 billion in total salary and wages and having 5,768,650 Canadian adults, or 22% of the total adult population who enjoy the RV and Camping experience.


Media Contact: Shane Devenish, Executive Director of the Canadian Camping and RV Council
Contact information: (905) 315-3156


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