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Webinar to Help Others Learn About Park Investing

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By: Woodall’s Campground Magazine | Published on: Aug 16, 2021

Heather Blankenship, who has been involved in the outdoor hospitality industry as an RV park investor and broker — building her own portfolio of RV parks that is now worth around $30 million — is hosting a webinar on Aug. 31 at 6 p.m. for those that are interested in learning how to get started in RV park investing.

The “Get Started in RV Park Investing” webinar will feature three industry experts that have experience helping park investors get the most out of their investments, according to Blankenship.

Below are the speaker profiles:

  • Frank Rolfe, the fifth-largest mobile home park owner in the U.S., Rolfe has been an investor in mobile home parks for almost two decades and has owned and operated hundreds of mobile home parks during that time.He owns over 250 communities spread out over 25 states, with his co-owner, Dave Reynolds.
  • Cara Braeutigam is membership coordinator for the Canadian Campin and RV Council (CCRVC). After 12 years of campground ownership and operation in Alberta, Canada, Cara now works for the Canadian Camping and RV Council, providing membership services to their 1800-plus campground members. Her daily interaction with members has fostered a strong connection to this industry and its incredible community of owners and operators.
  • Casey Cochran is director of business development at Campspot, a reservations and park management systems provider. Cochran has spoken with more than 700 parks over the last three years, getting a great feel for the needs of parks big and small. His passion lies in helping parks understand where revenue and occupancy can be increased with software technology.

What you will learn: 

  • Why RV parks are a better investment then mobile home parks, self-storage facilities, large multifamily and other commercial properties.
  • How RV parks compare to other asset classes.
  • Where to look to find RV park deals.
  • What to know before buying an RV park.
  • Who can support you in your journey scaling an RV park portfolio?

To learn more about the conference and to register, click here. 

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