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Canadian Camping and RV Council holds Joint Board Meetings with Go RVing Canada in Richmond, BC November 21st-22nd, 2018.

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Burlington, Ontario – November 26, 2018 – The Canadian Camping and RV Council (“CCRVC”) and Go RVing Canada held joint Board Meetings for the first time November 21st-22nd, 2018 at The River Rock Resort in Richmond, BC. The meetings enabled the respective Boards to learn more about each Canadian RV and Camping Industry stakeholder while sharing ideas for the future that will truly benefit Private Campgrounds across Canada.

Go RVing Canada’s Board is comprised of Chairman Jim Gorrie from GNR Camping World in Winnipeg, President Chris Mahony and Directors representing RVDA of Canada and the Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association. The Canadian Camping and RV Council’s Board consists of Chairman Robert Trask of Chesley Lake Camp, Executive Director Shane Devenish,  Directors from RVDA of Canada and Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association and Directors from the Provincial Campground Owners Associations across Canada.

On November 21st during Go RVing Canada’s Board Meetings, Chris Mahony confirmed that they will continue with the #BringBackWildhood theme for 2019 which has seen several advertising awards for Go RVing Canada. In other exciting news, Go RVing Canada announced that they have developed a seasonal camping microsite on www.gorving.ca which is scheduled to be available by the end of 2018. Stay tuned for this exciting feature!

Go RVing Canada shared their extensive 2019 Media and Digital Platform with the CCRVC’s Board of Directors. Go RVing’s Digital Media will drive conversion to the following KPIs (objectives) on www.gorving.ca : 1) RV Affordability Tool – Find out how affordable RVing really is 2) RV Comparison Tool – Find the right RV for your family 3) Dealer Locator – Find your closest RVDA Dealer and 4) Trip Planner that gives campers a great tool to search for Campgrounds across Canada.

Go RVing Canada’s PR Agency reported that total media PR for 2018 YTD has resulted in 90,437,405 impressions! A truly astounding figure. GoRVing.ca visits are up by 8% over 2017 with over 1.4 Million searches in 2018 including nearly 350,000 clicks to locate campgrounds to make it easier for our consumers to find your business. 


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